Who am I?
Hello, my name is John Middleton, I am from Liverpool in the UK. I am married to an amazing wife, Alison, and I have been a photographer for over 30 years. During that time I have studied, practiced and learnt my skills to be the photographer that I am today. 
What started my interest in photography?
Ever since I was a young boy I have always been fascinated by photography and loved to look through my Father’s war time and family photographs. It probably explains my love for black and white photography. I loved the way they told me a story and let me see people and occasions that I could never have seen. 
When did I start taking photographs?
I first picked up a camera when I was 11 and took it with me on a school holiday to the Isle of Man, ever since then I was hooked on using a camera. I’ve always felt it was important to capture special moments, not just in my life but in other peoples’ lives. Its those ‘in the moment’ experiences that give me the greatest pleasure in photography. 
What type of photographer am I?
If I was asked how to describe my photography style I would describe it as organic. My approach to photography is simple, its all about making it a relaxed and fun way of working with people immediately puts them at ease and this then gives the best possible environment for a successful days shooting. I always try to capture the mood, emotion and fun of an occasion. Nothing makes you remember a special moment more than when you see that picture and connects with you. My photography style is one that captures the moment rather than forcing it. I believe photography should be about projecting the personality of the person rather than making them seem someone else. 
What type of photography do I like?
People. I’ve gone through phases in photography where I’ve tried many subjects but I always seem to come back to people. People can be interesting and sometimes their face can tell a story. No one person is the same, either in front of the camera or away from it. From the moment you see someone to when you lift the camera to your face to take their picture their personality can change, its my job to stop that from happening. 
Why let me take your photograph?
Why not? Fill in the contact form below and lets have a chat about what you want
Official photographer for Prescot Cables Football Club
Contributor Photographer for Bido Lido and Get Into This
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